Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chinese Espionage Arrests – Still “Under the Radar”

Story in The Washington Times, 11/05/05

“Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and warships.

U.S. intelligence and security officials said the case remains under investigation but that it could prove to be among the most damaging spy cases since the 1985 one of John A. Walker Jr., who passed Navy communication codes to Moscow for 22 years.

The Los Angeles spy ring has operated since 1990 and has funneled technology and military secrets to China in the form of documents and computer disks, officials close to the case said. “

This is an excerpt from an article by Bill Gertz –Washington Times.
So far it has escaped the notice of The Washington Post, NY Times,Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, etc. (As of 11/08/05,only the Washington Times and two or three web sites that quoted the Washington Times had anything published.)

Perhaps the major Media outlets were too busy trying to impeach ( or at least dismantle ) the Bush Administration to pay attention to Chinese spies .

(It was mentioned on Fox News , so I imagine the “big boys” will be forced to report it – eventually . Just don’t hold your breath !)

For those of you who may be mildly curious about national security matters, the FBI says the spy ring was led by a naturalized American citizen named Chi Mak , and his naturalized wife Rebecca Laiwah Chiu.

Mr. Mak – an electrical engineer-held secret-level security clearance, and was employed by Power Paragon – a defense contract subsidiary of L3/SPD Technologies/Power Systems Group of Anaheim, California….and for 15 years , Mak allegedly obtained highly classified data on Naval weapons and communications systems by downloading information at his workstation.

What kind of data is Mr. Mak charged with obtaining ?

For starters, sensitive data on the Navy’s Aegis electronic battle management systems – developed after years of extremely costly research – and deployed by our Navy only a few years ago.

You will be delighted to learn the Chinese – by means of a little espionage – were able to take a big shortcut, and have now deployed their own Aegis-type system on their new state-of-the-art warship – which they have code-named “Magic Shield”.

The Chinese are also the proud possessors of highly classified data on the new Virginia-class attack subs: data that will enable China to track
US submarines at will – anywhere in the world.

They also received an electrical engineer’s eye view of one of our latest aircraft carriers.

Mr. Mak, according to the allegations, was so prolific a source of information, the Ministry of State Security sent his brother, Tai Wang Mak, and his sister-in-law , Fuk Heung Li over to help out. They arrived in the US in 2001, and had little trouble obtaining Resident Alien status.

According to (scanty) details released so far, Chi Mak would download information the Chinese government wanted ,and bring it home, so he and his brother could copy it onto CDs. The brother, Tai Mak would then encrypt the data, using coding software.

Eventually the Maks came under suspicion – (perhaps the new Chinese Aegis ship was the clue) – and electronic surveillance was approved and conducted.

Agents learned Tai Mak and his wife planned to travel to Guangzhou,China , and hand over their treasure trove of purloined secrets. Tai expressed some nervousness about the risks in taking the CDs out of the country, but agreed to return to China on October 28,2005, for handover of the encrypted disks to 2PLA (Chinese Military Intelligence).

Federal agents aborted this plan by arresting all four suspects.
A search of engineer Chi Mak’s Downey,California home was made, and hundreds of thousands of pages of highly classified documents, and large numbers of encrypted CDs were seized.

The information included technical details of the Navy’s new “Quiet Electric Drive” , details of state-of-the-art aircraft carriers, Electro Magnetic Pulse research , and unmanned reconnaissance craft of several types.

So far, the defendants have been charged with unauthorized possession of classified materials , although other charges are being studied.

The charges ,to date, are identical to those filed against another
Chinese immigrant : Wen Ho Lee , who was found to have downloaded extremely sensitive nuclear weapons data, and to be in possession of same.(Some of the material he downloaded was never recovered.)

Although Lee pled guilty to this (lesser) charge,he has become yet another “hero” of the Radical Left, and is held up as an example of “racism and xenophobia” in America – mainly because the government was unable to prove he actually transmitted data that allowed China to embark on a massive upgrade of its nuclear weapons program.

I’ve passed this story along to you , so you can see for yourself whether it is ever reported in the Mainstream Media – other than as an “oh-by-the way” squib printed next to the classified ads , or a brief mention on the telly.

Meanwhile, as the Media is fond of reminding us, we should all concentrate on ways to tear down the Administration , and not let ourselves be diverted and distracted by a few Chinese pranks.

Oh: By the way , don’t forget to do your holiday shopping at Walmart,and other fine purveyors of Chinese goods !

PS: Here's more information - from South China Daily,which has published more-so far- than the New York Times !


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