Sunday, November 27, 2005

“CIA Torture Flights “ : Stolen Names – Stolen Honor

The Internet has been flooded with “investigative reports” about mysterious “CIA torture flights” – written pretty much by the same people ,under a variety of names : at least some of which appear to have been stolen.

One of the names that has been “borrowed” is that of Clayton H. Hallmark: a respected electrical engineer, who has written a number of technical and self-help books. (The borrowers omit the middle initial – “H” – but Internet search engines have now blurred the two names beyond redemption.)

Another alias is George A. Doole – an actual person, who ran the CIA’s Air America operation ……………and who died on March 9,1985.

Doole is regarded as a “legend” in CIA circles – though the Agency “never heard of him”. I’m sure, were he still alive, he would be outraged to see his name being appropriated by someone who got kicked off one of the “plane spotters” websites, and used by someone offering photos and maps of the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas-at a time when the president was expected to be “in residence”.

These stories all seem to originate in an Italian Communist online publication, called “Bellaciao” , and they have had the (undoubtedly desired ) effect of causing international alarm and tension.

Routine civilian flights have been boarded by heavily-armed police and searched – in Spain and other European countries. Each time , the searchers exited with shrugs , because there was nothing there to discover ; and each time a search turned up nothing , the “Red Orchestra” cried : “Aha ! They’re covering up !”

Let me offer a gentle reminder to folks who may have taken this “torture flight” nonsense seriously : CONSIDER THE SOURCE !


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