Monday, November 07, 2005

Ignoring the Chinese Tiger

Do you ever watch nature documentaries ? Remember this one ?

There’s a herd of red deer , and it’s mating season, so all of the herd bucks start squabbling over who is going to have first dibs at the does.

They lock horns and scuffle – with everybody trying to drive off the reigning buck , while the does watch, and cheer on their favorites.

Meanwhile , in the trees , a little bird sees something, and starts squawking : “Tiger ! Tiger ! Tiger ! “

The herd ignores the warning cries. “Stupid bird !” , someone mutters.
“Always trying to divert and misdirect us when we’re busy deciding important things !”

As the herd concentrates on the scuffle , a tiger emerges from hiding, puts the snag on a carefully-selected doe, and trots off with her….as the scuffle for dominance continues unabated.

Something of the same sort has been going on in our own “political jungle”.

Political “herd bulls” are struggling to bring down the Bush presidency , while the Media cheers them on. Every thrust-every parry-every wound is reported gleefully ; but the soft footsteps of the approaching Chinese Tiger are ignored.

The Tiger has been very,VERY busy !

In 1997, China leased key portions of the Panama Canal , through its holding company-Hutchison Whampoa ( also known as Hutchison Port Holdings). These 50 year leases allow China to close off portions of the Canal , and include vast warehouse facilities that can be used for “dual purposes” ; e.g: storage of normal trade goods and/or nuclear weapons.

As of the end of 2000, China’s Panama trade was at 1.2 billion dollars-no small sum – and, on 12-06-01,Panama agreed to additional trade concessions – including the free exchange of “visiters, traders, and entrepreneurs” ( read Chinese intelligence agents.)

On 11-23-03, China entered into a new agreement with Cuba. China agreed to bail out the financially strapped “people’s democracy”, in exchange for highly specialized bio-technical assistance, and the establishment of a Chinese electronic listening post 90 miles away from Miami.

China invested heavily in Cuba’s Nickel mines –in exchange for the right to sell millions of TV sets to Cuba , and (more alarmingly) the right to set up schools where the Cuban population could learn to read,write,and speak Chinese.

On 11-05-05 , Cuba and China set up a military assistance pact – the details of which have not been published.

Across the globe, China has already established a brisk African trade: petroleum, uranium ,minerals, and other raw materials flow out from
Nigeria,Ethiopia,Tanzania,Sudan,Rwanda,Uganda,Cape Verde, and Mauritania , while a steady supply of Chinese weapons – including helicopters and fighting vehicles-flows in to the starving natives – who,unsurprisingly, have begun to export Communist revolution to their neighbors.

On 1-30-05 , China entered trade agreements with “socialist” Venezuela. In exchange for petroleum, China agreed to build a railroad,and to set up satellites and radar outposts along the Venezuelan borders – especially the border of Colombia (which Venezuela has been trying to subvert and swallow up.) China has also supplied weapons of all sorts – 2 to 3 times what the Venezuelan military could possibly use – and it is quite probable they will be used to spread Maoism ( I guess you’d have to call it “Che-ism”) to Venezuela’s neighbors.

On 9-13-05, China signed several bilateral trade agreements with Mexico , which include heavy investment in Mexico’s raw material production facilities,oil fields, and the like.

On 10-25-05, China began discussing additional trade agreements with Chile. Chile is to furnish copper – which China needs, and is to receive Chinese goods in return.

Chile already does almost $ 25 million a year in trade with China,but would like to get her hands on the sort of Chinese goods that guerillas like to carry into battle. (Che is very much “in” in Latin America. )

None of these stories is particularly exciting – if considered alone.

(That may be part of the reason the Mainstream Media doesn’t bother to report them ; that, and the fact you have to dig a bit. I found most of these stories in People’s Daily, New China News ,and the Cuban press.)

It is only when you look at them in series that a pattern begins to emerge : China has been very busy , indeed . At the rate she is going,the Chinese Tiger will soon have Asia,South America, Central America , and Africa clutched tightly between her paws.

Looking at the news reports, it’s obvious the Media is blissfully unaware of the stalking Tiger.

Last week, for example, when thousands of demonstrators –carrying Che Guevara banners and other obviously Marxist signs – thronged the streets of Buenos Aires to protest President Bush’s Free Trade conference, they were “carrying water” for their Chinese sponsors –who want no competition for trade on “their” new turf.

The Media should have known this, but was content to describe the demonstrations (rather approvingly) as “anti-war, anti-Bush protests”.

During press conferences, the only topics they wanted to talk about were “Plame-gate”, Karl Rove, and poll ratings. “Mr. President !
Mr. President : Aren’t you ready to resign yet ? “

Challenges are bellowed. Antlers rattle, and the earth is pawed.
The Chinese Tiger smiles as it contemplates which member of the herd to carry off next.


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