Thursday, November 03, 2005

Something Interesting in the Washington Post

Contained in a column that “scolds” President Bush in The Washington Post was some rather interesting information.

I have excerpted the paragraphs of Jim Hoagland’s Op-Ed piece that caught my eye:

“One lesson available in this story is that amateurs are no match for the CIA in disinformation campaigns. The spies are far better at operating in the shadows than you politicians will ever be. They have a license to dissemble.

The hidden management of the criminal justice process and the news media practiced by spooks in Wilson-Rove-Libbygate is nothing short of brilliant. So you were right to fear the agency. Where else do you think the one-page crime report that triggered the investigation and then the pressure-building leaks disclosing its existence came from?

Fear probably caused you to keep the Clinton-appointed leadership in place at the CIA long after some of its top operatives mounted a rebellion against the White House, in part to shift attention from their failures to yours. I know that George Tenet charmed you, and the rest of us. That's what spies and spymasters do, sir. You should have been taking that into account.”

What is Mr. Hoagland trying to say ?

Is he suggesting the CIA, in an effort to shift attention from their failures,deliberately fed false information to the administration , then waited until the administration acted on the information before admitting it was false ?

Did the CIA make a deliberate attempt to influence the 2004 elections ,in an effort to unseat George Bush ?

Is it-even now- attempting to disrupt , and, if possible unseat , the Bush administration ?

Mr. Hoagland seems to be suggesting such a scenario is common knowledge in Washington.

I wonder who his sources are !


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