Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans’ Day 2005 – A Bittersweet Occasion

This is the day set aside to honor all who have served, and who now serve our country as part of the Armed Forces.

Many of those who served gave their lives . Even more were casualties,whose chances of a normal life were destroyed because of injuries and wounds ; and there has never been a full count of the "walking wounded" lives were forever scarred by the horrors of war.

My brother was one of the latter, and he well deserved the honors he received at his interment.

Of late (and I speak of the Viet Nam period forward ) there has been another type of casualty: veterans and serving troops who have been scarred by the never-ending drumbeat of criticism emanating from an openly hostile Media , which has seized and engorged itself upon the rantings of the Radical Left, and the Neo-Copperheads – (an odd amalgam of Anarchists,Neo-Nazis,Anti-Semites,and miscellaneous Anti-Government groups-some of whom pass themselves off as “Libertarians”.)

Truly heroic efforts by our troops go unreported , while the misdeeds of a few are made front page news. The whole world knows about Abu Ghraib – but almost nobody knows how Marine Corporal Danny Santos of South Central Los Angeles won the Silver Star in Iraq . ( We have heard, ad-nauseam , of the lesser exploits of John F. Kerry , who won a Silver Star in Viet Nam ……….”But that’s different !” )

1st Lt. Dustin M. Shumney , a Marine Platoon Commander was awarded the Bronze Star with combat "V” for repeated acts of heroism in Iraq over an 11 month period. He was en route to yet another tough assignment on January 26,2005 ,when the helicopter he and his men were riding in crashed, during a sand storm: killing all aboard. (That part made the news: “More US Casualties !”)

Everybody knows who Cindy Sheehan is, and has heard her opinion.
How many people have heard what Julie Shumney – wife of the gallant Lieutenant had to say ?

“I am forever grateful that not only do the Marines not leave each other behind,but they also do not leave their brothers’ families behind when they have given the ultimate sacrifice. I feel so grateful that my husband picked the Marine Corps. The Corps was a decision we made as a family-a sacrifice as a family.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this brave woman’s comment to be aired in the New York Times – even on Veterans’ Day !


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