Monday, December 26, 2005

After the “Ho-ho-ho” Ends

We keep a little ceramic Christmas tree on a table near the living room window. It’s one my wife made –with my daughter’s help – when they were “doing ceramics” ,and when its tiny bulbs are lit, we can share the spirit of Christmas with anyone who passes by.

We haven’t put up outdoor decorations for a number of years. For one thing, we’re both a bit long in tooth to be climbing ladders, and stringing lights outdoors . For another thing, we tired, some years ago, of having the neighborhood delinquents steal them !

So the little tree is “it” ; and, every morning , I make it a point to turn it on as soon as I come downstairs at “dark o’clock of the morning” : not for me, but for anyone who is on the way to work – and who could use a tiny reminder of Christmas in those cold gray hours of morning.

Lord knows, I could use a bit myself !

A quick glance at the Internet tells me there was chemical warfare (a poison gas attack) this morning in St. Petersburg, Russia . The Russian news agencies are trying to squelch the story – probably on orders of the FSB (Russia’s successor to the KGB) – but 70 people were hospitalized,and chemical bombs with timers were found and neutralized in at least two large market areas of the city.

Let’s see: on one website , a story about the Pope celebrating Christmas mass inspired at least one poster to denounce the Roman Catholic Church as a “dago mafia conspiracy” . Another attacked Jews in general, and Zionists in particular – when not attacking Blacks and Mexicans. (He’s fond of folks with white,pointy hoods, I do believe.)

Somebody “kidnapped” ( Is that the right word ?) a baby penguin ,and there is great angst about what may have become of the poor creature-but no interest whatsoever in the fact that over 200,000 human beings perished in the tsunami a year ago.

What else ? Oh. Justin Raimondo ( a leading spokesman for the Neo-Copperheads) is still angry that we unseated that manly hero, Saddam Hussein; that the Iraqis managed to form some sort of government after over 30 years of total repression ; and that they had the guts to turn out and vote –in spite of a torrent of death threats. Justin, who is nothing if not predictable,wants the Ba’athist thugs, who murdered so many thousands of Iraqis, returned to office,so they can pick up where they left off. (Justin is still carrying the torch for another manly brute-Slobodan Milosevic as well. He just adores strong men !)

In short, a quick look around suggests it’s still the same nasty world we set aside on Christmas Eve – only a day later.

All the more reason to light up our little tree this morning : it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.


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