Saturday, December 17, 2005

America at the BRIDGE

John Kerry , fallen Candidate
By the DNC he swore
That the Left Wing of his Party
Would suffer scorn no more.

By the DNC he swore an oath
That Bush would rue the day
When “Ted's Annointed” faced defeat
And power ebbed away.

“I’ll call upon my privileged friends
Within the CIA :
Get them to leak some secrets-
And in general, pave the way.”

“Their tales will hint at dreadful deeds;
And Presidential Crimes-
Once embellished by the Editors
Of the friendly New York Times.”

“ Once this bloody work is done,
With movements swift and deft
We’ll pack the Halls of Congress
With the Minions of the Left.”

“ With Congress firmly in control
Our goal at last we’ll reach:
We’ll bring that upstart Bush to heel
With a Motion to Impeach ! “

The challenge has been issued :
Will Americans awake –
Or yawn and watch their football games -
Not caring what’s at stake ?

Horatius battled on the bridge-
And invaders turned away :
We all must rise and do the same
This next Election Day !


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