Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 7,1941 – A Few Personal Memories

64 years ago today , I was “almost eight” : one of three brothers,living on a family farm in New York state.

The day started out like most : we were up at the crack of dawn,because there were cows to be milked ,a wood stove to be lit, and a hearty breakfast to be wolfed down before we changed clothes for church.

Like most kids my age, my thoughts were pre-occupied with Christmas-but it would be a long time before anyone felt really “merry” again.

That evening was spent, huddled around the radio: listening to the broadcasts of an attack on some place I had never heard of- Pearl Harbor-by people I had never thought of : the Japanese.

The adults talked after a while,with quiet intensity that went on long after the hour we kids should have been in bed.

There was talk about war and the draft ,and what these things would mean. Our hired man-Lou-was angry enough to give notice that he would be enlisting as soon as possible. I think Mom tried to talk him into waiting until he was drafted , but he would have no part of that !

We didn’t know then about rationing, or war bonds, or scrap drives,or air raid drills,or Gold Star Mothers …but we would learn.

Darkness had fallen on our world, and our Age of Innocence was forever over.


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