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( How and Why Communist China Helps
Our Enemies In the War on Terror )

( Book Review )

In the four-plus years since 9/11/01 ,Communist China has spent a great deal of time trying to convince us her sinister regime is an ally in the war against terror ; and has even used this war as an excuse to further victimize its captive population.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

China’s ties to terrorist organizations are (as the author points out)
“long,wide,and deep.” It paid as much as $ 10 million to the Taliban for unexploded US cruise missiles : providing that group with a badly needed cash infusion.

On 9/11/01 – while the United States reeled from the horror of al-Qaeda assaults, the Peoples’ Republic signed an economic agreement with the Taliban .

There is some suspicion the events of 9/11 were based on a plan of action devised by two colonels in the Peoples’ Liberation Army .It is known they designated the World Trade Center as the best place for such an attack, and that they identified Osama bin Laden as the Islamic leader best suited to carry out the attack.

China opposed UN sanctions against the Taliban , and , via a worldwide network of “friendly academics” called the 9/11 attacks a normal response to America’s “quasi-hegemonic policies”.

Adding insult to injury, China’s news/espionage network –Xinhua- aired a video “glorifying the attacks as a humbling blow against an arrogant nation” – something America’s own Left wing radicals were quick to pick up on . ( Ward Churchill comes to mind.)

After 9/11/01 , Huawei , a Chinese technology firm, began building a communications network in Kabul for the Taliban.

Large caches of recently manufactured weapons from Communist China were found in Afghanistan’s al-Qaeda hideouts. Weapons included surface-to-air missiles.

China pressured Pakistan ( its close ally for 50 years) to oppose American presence in Afghanistan,and, in September,2002,played gracious host to a three man delegation from the Taliban-led by Ustad Khalil –right hand man to Mullah Omar.

China has sold conventional weapons , missile technology, and bio-chemical technology to Iraq, Iran, Syria,Sudan, Angola, Cuba, and Venezuela –among others , and has gone out of its way to encourage and support “rogue” nations of all sorts.

Their reasons for doing so are pretty obvious: they plan to become the world’s leading superpower, and (though the author does not mention it) find new places to colonize with their exploding , impoverished,and restive population. This has been their style in Tibet and East Turkestan,where native populations have been murdered to make room for millions of Han Chinese immigrants. ( Cuba, which recently signed an agreement with China may find out – to its dismay – why the Chinese are so eager to teach Chinese to the Cuban population !)

I found a few places in the book where there was room for cordial dispute with the author , but my overall assessment is as follows:

Save out some of the money you would have spent buying goods made in China by slave labor , and BUY THIS BOOK !!

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