Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Publication of “Jawbreaker” Excites Trolls !

A former “CIA Commander” – (that’s what Newsweek calls him ) – named Gary Berntsen has finally managed to secure CIA clearance for the publication of what looks to be an interesting book , entitled “Jawbreaker”.

According to Newsweek ,Mr. Berntsen says Osama bin Laden was able to escape from the siege of Tora Bora in December,2001 because US Central Command would not allow more American troops to be deployed.

He adds he was sure bin Laden was there,because sources he trusted had told him so ; and he disagrees with former CENTCOM commander Tommy Franks – because “ I was there and he wasn’t.”

With all due respect to Mr. Berntsen , he may be wrong about bin Laden: a close friend of the missing terrorist leader claims he left Tora Bora 10 days before the siege began – and his account is replete with small details that suggest high credibility.

This does not faze the Neo-Copperhead Trolls in the least.

They are,in fact suggesting President Bush let Osama bin Laden escape ,because :
(a) They were former business partners ;
(b) Bush didn’t want the war to end;
(c) Neo-Cons are stupid;
(d) It was all a Zionist / Theocratic /Homophobic plot.

At the risk of venturing over into Troll Territory myself, may I suggest that some of the Neo-Copperheads wanted large numbers of American troops on the ground in Afghanistan because it would increase friction between the Afghanis and the Americans, because it would increase the likelihood of American casualties, and because it would increase tension between the US and Pakistan to have so many of our troops milling about right next to the Pakistani border.

Any or all of these things would help make their original predictions about the Afghanistan campaign – (that we would become bogged down in the same sort of mess the Soviets encountered ) -come true:thus proving that they were “ right again”.

It didn’t work out that way. As a matter of fact, the Afghan campaign was a model of how unconventional special forces can be used to overthrow a regime.

If some of the Afghani troops were not up to snuff, what of it ? It was Afghani troops who fought and died to take back their nation from the Taliban – with American assistance ; rather than the usual routine of Americans doing the dying while ineffectual “allies” skulk and pose in the background, criticizing their every move.

The Afghanistan campaign was a world class victory – whether Osama bin Laden escaped or not – and that’s something the hissing, writhing Neo-Copperheads cannot abide !


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