Tuesday, December 27, 2005

There’s No Business Like Troll Business !

If you post on any “message boards” , you’re probably well aware of Internet Trolls.

These are people with a “MESSAGE “ – usually a hateful one - and they insist on plastering it all over the message boards – regardless of what topic is being discussed.

One of the message boards I read has become clogged with Neo-Nazi/ Aryan Identity / New Klux Klan posters : all of whom flood the board with “ The Jews Are Out To Get You “ crap. They express solidarity with their Arab counterparts ,and distress over Muslim casualties in the War on Terror.( Oh, yes ! They hate President Bush. Doesn’t everybody ? )

There are some Radical Leftists – who , one would think , would be at loggerheads with the Nazis . Not so. The Nazis hate President Bush,and are treated as allies. (Shades of the Hitler/Stalin Pact ! )

There are also the Copperheads – quite often from the most radical part of the Libertarian movement. Everything is un-constitutional to them: including the Consitution. They are anti-tax,anti-government,anti-military, anti-violence …and violently opposed to President Bush.

Last – but not least – are the Gay Crusaders . They urge the world to “get with it” and start cracking down on those awful people who oppose that most sacred of institutions : Gay Marriage. Their list of villains includes the Pope -who persists in preaching that –(I’m quoting here)-“dago mafia” doctrine ; the dreaded Religious Right , the Republican Party in general, and (You guessed it !) George W. Bush in particular.

Here’s how a typical message board exchange looks on a troll-infested board.

Poster 1: It’s been raining awfully hard the last few days. Do you think the rain will hurt the rutabagas ?

Poster 2: :) Not if they’re in cans. :)

Nazi : Damn Jews ! Always bitching about the Holocaust, and how you were starving . I have it on good authority there were plenty of rutabagas to eat ! (Comment is followed by two pages cut and pasted from “Urban Warfare Now !” – a White supremacy site , dedicated to -Victory or Valhalla ! )

Leftist: Why shouldn’t the people in Cannes have rutabagas ? What else are they going to throw through shop windows ? The (censored) Bushbots have jacked up the price of rutabagas to fund their vicious and illegal war …and where is Osama bin Laden ? Can you answer that simple question, you stupid neo-cons ?

Gay Crusader: Why are you worrying about people’s cans ? What you puritan busybodies should be worrying about is the way our right to true happiness is being interfered with !

Copperhead : Frog march the arch-criminal Bush out of the White House before he can tax our rutabagas !

Leftist : Still ducking and dodging my question, you stupid neo-cons ?
You can’t tell me where Osama is, and yet you want to interfere with the natural lifestyle of other-oriented people – and increase taxes on rutabagas !

And there you have it : TROLL TIME !!

( Makes you wish for The Three Billy Goats Gruff ,doesn’t it ?)


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