Tuesday, January 31, 2006

“Analyzing the Anthrax Attacks – The First 3 Years”

By Edward G. Lake ( Book Review)

(Available through:Barnes and Noble or Amazon.)



The Anthrax Attacks of 2001 : which involved about 2 grams of anthrax, sent through the mail, killed 5 innocent people,sickened 17 more-including a young child,caused widespread panic, and millions of dollars in property damage.

They also spawned a snarled ball of conspiracy theories –from virtually every spectrum of the political landscape : mis-information, deliberate-even vicious dis-information, honest misunderstandings, wild speculation, and some outright insanity – most of which spilled over onto the Internet.

I jumped into the tangle myself – mostly because I was enraged to learn someone had used “ my back yard “ to launch a terrorist attack ; and I’ll have to confess I reached at least 10 “flawless solutions” of the mystery: of which, I’m sure, 10 will prove wrong.

Among the people I chatted online with was Ed Lake – the author of this book. I found myself then- as I find myself now : in agreement with him on some things ; in disagreement on others.

The real source of disagreement between “Anthrax Theorists” is lack of evidential knowledge. None of us have access (as far as I know) to the FBI investigation – and that’s as it should be.

No one has ever been charged – but that does not mean no one will ever be charged. The Amerithrax investigation has already been so badly damaged by leaks to the Media, the FBI had to “go back to square one” ,and develop new protocols. An inopportune leak could throw it into the “cold case files” forever,by making it legally impossible to convict the perpetrator(s).

Ed Lake has, nonetheless, compiled an impressive body of information,and has shed light on aspects of the case many of us found it more convenient to detour around.

For that reason alone, his well written, very readable book is a valuable resource , and well worth the modest price !


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