Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brrr !! Global Warming in the News Again !!!

As Europe struggles with another week of sub-zero temperatures-
(Russia and the Ukraine have reported –40 degree temperatures and considerable loss of life)-

recent discoveries have been causing “the Green Gang” some additional loss of composure.

Last year, according to the January 14,2006 of “New Scientist” magazine, environmental engineer Frank Keppler, and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute discovered that living plants emit a significant portion – 10% to 30 % ,depending on the season – of the methane –a more serious greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide- that makes its way into the atmosphere..

This discovery, which has been confirmed by two other prestigious bodies,means that the Kyoto Accords – which call for compensating for carbon dioxide production by planting trees – would actually increase global warming significantly if carried out.

A second discovery – announced last year in “Scientific American “-showed that global warming was not beginning at the poles of the earth as climatologists had predicted.

It was discovered the earth “oscillates” in its rotation , and that this “pendulum-like” oscillation causes portions of Africa to receive additional solar radiation : producing heat , that is transferred by convective ocean currents to the earth’s poles.

This effect, called “Chandler’s Wobble” , is believed by some to be the primary cause of earthquakes,global warming, and oceanic currents such as “El Nino”. A discussion of this phenomenon may be read here:

As a final “slap in the face”, it has just been announced the amount of sunlight reaching the earth – which had showed a pattern of increasing for 15 years – has begun to decrease.

More sunlight is being reflected back into space-but the planet is still warming up : reinforcing a growing suspicion that much of the “greenhouse gas” concept may be in error.

How much warming of the world’s oceans is due to lava flowing up from the earth’s core ? As far as I know, there is no practical way to measure this factor, and it has pretty much been ignored.

Anyone who thinks this lava flow is minor and inconsequential might wish to study this easy-to-read Cal-tech report on plate tectonics:

Global warming doctrines are being taught and promoted as if they were Holy Writ; but Science, combined with Ideology , produces a hybrid that is of little scientific value.

Perhaps it is time to nail some new theses to the doors of our scientific “cathedral” !

A day after posting this,someone directed me to this National Geographic article about a "geo-thermal mega-plume" beneath the Indian Ocean,that has been pumping huge quantities of heat into the ocean waters: enough-by itself-to account for much of our global warming !

This just in: Saturday, 01/28/06: Arctic ice blocks crashing ashore in Alaska-something not seen in decades.;_ylt=AuvwtRF2wwVPg1U9Sruunkys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MzV0MTdmBHNlYwM3NTM-

(Was this phenomenon in the global warming models ? )


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