Friday, January 27, 2006

News That is ….Different !

Nairobi: A Kenyan woman,angered because of a persistent local famine,placed a “powerful tribal curse on God” before going to bed.

Something may have gone awry: she died in her sleep.

Leavenworth,Kansas : Police were intrigued to learn a man suspected of drug dealing was handing out business cards; and made it their business to obtain one.

The card bore an image of a boxing glove striking a clock, with the legend: “For a quick hit on time, call The Boss !”

A handy telephone number was furnished : something the police made good use of.

Apparently the old slogan :” Advertising doesn’t Cost – It Pays !” isn’t always true.

Springfield, Ore: An armed robber held up a diner on a Monday,but was unhappy with the amount of money his deeds had netted-so he decided to return on Wednesday , for “seconds”.

After robbing the diner a second time, he fled across the parking lot: firing his pistol repeatedly to discourage pursuit …but managed, somehow ,to shoot himself in the foot.

Richmond, Va : A State Legislator, who decided to unload his pistol while sitting in his State House office , got an instant lesson in safe gun-handling practices , when the pistol fired.

Fortunately – for all concerned – a local Sheriff had given the lawmaker a bulletproof vest as a “gag gift” ; and the vest, hanging on the solon’s door, stopped the .380 slug.

The only damage was to the Legislator’s pride: He has felt compelled to issue numerous public apologies , and will probably be long remembered as someone who shot off his gun instead of his mouth.


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