Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lay Off the Boy Scouts !!

I’ve had it with the vicious attacks on the Boy Scouts of America !

I’ve seen them called “ a Brownshirt Taliban” , “KKK for Kiddies”,
and worse !

The main bone of contention seems to be that the organization uses its free association rights (upheld by the Supreme Court) to screen out potential Boy Scout leaders who are openly gay : a precaution most parents whole-heartedly endorse.

“This is discrimination !” , the protestors howl. “ There is no scientific evidence that gays are more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals are.”

I’ve looked at the available evidence, and tend to agree – but pedophilia is not the issue !

Pedophilia is the desire to have sex with very young children , and those who practice it are (statistically) male members of the immediate family , and juveniles.

From a Scouting perspective, the young boys at risk for pedophile
molestation are Cub Scouts – who are usually well protected by Den Mothers. Cub Scouts are also quite a bit less likely to be far from home on extended camping trips.

The real issue is ephebophilia ( sometimes called hebephilia ) : the desire to have sex with young adolescents.

Ephebophilia is most notable among male homosexuals – many of whom see nothing wrong with having sex with a young adolescent male-whose sexual orientation is still somewhat amorphous.

Here is a link to a male homosexual information center that studies this problem:

Here's yet another link: this one to the "Queer Issue" of The Village Voice-,guichard,15827,1.html

If you would like to assess how widespread this disorder * is, I suggest you go to your favorite online search engine –eg: Google, Yahoo, or Jeeves – and type in the word “twinks”. (See how many entries you get. 100,000 or more is not improbable.)

A “twink” is a young boy – preferably about 14 years old – and one of the favorite pornography topics for male homosexuals (and others who frequent gay sex sites).

The Boy Scouts of America have been around for a very long time-and have had to deal with the problem of sexual abuse of young adolescents by older, homosexual leaders for a very long time.

One such “wave” of abuse occurred in my area about a generation ago,and created a major scandal. Right on the heels of this scandal,a trusted leader-not involved with the abuse, as far as I know- decided it would be a good time to “ come out of the closet “. ( Talk about really bad timing !)

The organization dropped him like a hot potato . He took them to court and lost-and lost-and lost: all the way up to the top.

Since then,assorted civil liberties groups , gay advocacy groups , and ideologues of various stripes have harrassed the Boy Scouts like a swarm of gnats: pressuring everybody who will listen to them to penalize the Scouts for making the safety of their membership more important than soothing the ruffled feathers of those most likely to do harm.

I guess this is what passes for civil rights now !

* note: The American Psychiatric Association still classifies ephebophilia as a “disorder” – but just barely. It seems the problem is so common among gays , it has become “normal”.


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