Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The NSA Hearings : The Media Misses a HUGE Story !

I ‘ve been reading the news in the papers and on the Net, and I’ve watched the reports on TV; but so far, the Media seem almost clueless.

Locked onto the story that “over 5000 Americans’ phone conversations were monitored” , the reporters seem to be missing a huge story:

Suspected Terrorists telephoned over 5000 people in the USA !

WHY did terror suspects from Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,Indonesia,Syria,and other powderkeg countries call people in America ?

Were they ordering pizza ? Getting competitive estimates on car insurance ? Signing up for 30 day “firmer butt” courses at the local health spa ? Subscribing to The New York Times ?

Here’s a clue :

These are people with an intense –some would say fanatical – desire to do us harm.

Much of their waking day is spent attempting just that , and their telephone calls and their E mails are apt to be concerned with the transmission of intelligence, status reports on operations in progress,warnings to cell members, instructions on financing,etc.,etc.,etc.

If “Uncle Achmed” – a terrorist in Khartoum - calls “Cousin Farad” in Baltimore, and tells him “ The family is still sick” , it tends to mean :“Our cell is still under surveillance, so be careful what you say. “

The very fact these communications are being made to people on our soil is the real story …and it is an alarming one !

The fact the Media seems to be ignoring this story is prima facie evidence that ideology (perhaps I should say “axe-grinding” ) and news-gathering are poor companions.


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