Thursday, March 23, 2006

“ Ambiguous” Document Raises Interesting 9/11 Questions

This is the text of a document seized from Iraqi Intelligence files during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It is one of the translated documents aired by ABC TV in March,2006, and may have been printed in your hometown newspaper.

Please keep in mind it was written on 09/15/01.

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate
Presidency of the Republic
Intelligence Service
2/913/5th directorate

Sir: Director General of the 5th directorate

Subject: Information
Our Afghani source #002 (info on him in paper slip ‘1’) has informed us that Afghani consular Ahmed Dahistani (info on him in paper slip ‘2’) had spoken before him of the following:

1-That Usama Bin Ladin and the Taliban group in Afghanistan are in contact with Iraq and that a group from the Taliban and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had conducted a visit to Iraq.

2-That America possesses evidence that Iraq and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had cooperated to strike targets inside America.

3-In case Taliban and Usama’s group are proven involved in those sabotage operations, it will be possible that America directs strikes at Iraq and Afghanistan.

4-That the Afghani consular had heard about the Iraq connections with Usama Bin Ladin’s group during his presence in Iran.

5-In the light of what preceded we suggest writing to the Intentions Committee about the above information.

Please be informed…..your feedback please…..with appreciation.
)signature) (signature(

Information office send immediately to the
Of the 5th directorate/3 Intentions Committee

I call your attention to the opening, (and pious salutation) which makes it clear Iraq and the Taliban were sharing intelligence – possibly on an informal basis-prior to 9/11. (Not surprising, or even remarkable ; but worth keeping in mind when someone declares the sectarian Iraqis and fanatically religious Taliban could not possibly have had common interests.)

Item 1 in the report mentions something most of us have known for years: that “Usama bin Ladin's group” had visited Iraq. (Item 4 tells us how the Taliban came by this information.)

Item 2 is far more interesting: “…America possesses evidence that Iraq and Usama bin Ladin’s group had cooperated to strike targets inside America.” (Item 3 discusses the likely consequences.)

A. Please note the bald matter-of-factness of this statement; the lack of speculation or ambiguity.

B. How does somebody in Afghanistan know what evidence America possesses ?

C. If there is/was such evidence,who had it, and where is it now ?

Would I be “reading too much into this document” to suggest al-Qaeda
had (and perhaps still has) a “mole” in the US Intelligence community ?
Someone so highly placed as to be aware of al-Qaeda/Iraqi cooperation ? Someone able to cover his/her tracks by “burying” evidence so deep in the files as to make it almost non-retrievable ?

Would I be too far out of line in suggesting such a person might have had prior knowledge of 9/11 ?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lou Dobbs on Chinese Inroads in Latin America : Dead Wrong !

Recently,veteran newscaster Lou Dobbs informed his audience –with much frowning , tsk-tsk-ing, and head shaking – the main reason Communist China has been able to make such massive inroads into Latin America was due to America’s refusal to permit its troops to be hauled before the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

With all respect to Mr. Dobbs, it is difficult to imagine how he came to such a conclusion !

Let me state a few basic facts of life; and, after review, perhaps we may reason together.

Fact 1 : China is an expansionist nation, which, despite its flirtation with “capitalism” – (if one may describe industries owned by the Peoples Liberation Army as capitalist ) – is still officially and actually committed to the promotion of Maoist Communism all around the globe.

Fact 2 : China is a massive –(some might even say reckless) - consumer of
oil ,and has demonstrated time and time again it will do almost anything to obtain and maintain steady sources of that commodity.

Fact 3 : Latin America has massive reserves of oil – on shore and off shore:
enough, some say, to make the vaunted Middle Eastern oil fields look like mud puddles.

Fact 4 : Latin America is a seething cauldron of unrest : much of which has been stirred up by Chinese “surrogates” – ( Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, The Shining Path,and FARC come to mind.) This makes it a prime market for high-end military equipment.

Fact 5 : The United States – at least in the last 20 years or so – has become increasingly hesitant to supply military equipment to Latin American nations interested in attacking their neighbors, suppressing burgeoning democratic movements at home, or otherwise trying out for membership in the “Axis of Evil”.

Fact 6 : China has no compunctions about supplying military equipment to Latin American oil producers – in exchange for oil. If the equipment adds to area-wide tensions, or is used to overthrow democratic regimes – so much the better !

Fact 7 : China would never dream of turning its troops over to the International Court . Were it to do so, the Hague would be so inundated with pending complaints, it would cease to function.

Fact 8 : The Latin American nations being courted by China don’t give a tinker’s dam about the Hague (although a few of their diplomats may make appropriate noises at the UN) . They have oil to sell, and they have a buyer – who will help them extract and refine it, and who is willing to supply them with shiploads of weapons : all without tiresome moralistic or ecological restrictions.

Lou Dobbs, with all respect , I think you were dead wrong .

Friday, March 10, 2006

Let Us (Chuckle ! Guffaw !) Praise Che Guevara !

One would be hard-pressed to find any college campus in the United States where there was not at least one “Che” poster or tee shirt. In places like San Francisco, there are whole bookshops devoted to the published works of Che Guevara –with ample stocks of Che banners,posters,tee shirts ,and (I am told) articles of intimate wear -emblazoned with the bold image of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna : the legendary “freedom fighter”.

The truth is, Che Guevara was a legenday failure : one of those folks of whom it could be said : “Almost every piece of gold he touched turned to dross”.

Born in 1928 to a well-heeled , but fashionably leftist family,Guevara studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires , practiced for a short time, then set off with a friend on a motorcycle trip though Latin America ,where he discovered there was widespread poverty .

After a brief stint as a medical volunteer ,he decided to express his solidarity with the poor by returning to civilization and marrying a well-to-do Peruvian socialist named Hilda Gadea. She introduced him to “high society” , but it didn’t do much for his medical career,as he was too busy studying Marxism to attend to his patients.Things got so bad, he was forced to sell some of his wife’s jewelry : thus teaching her an important lesson about the re-distribution of wealth.

(Feminist admirers of Che will be nonplussed – or not –(probably not) - to learn he expressed his appreciation by divorcing the long-suffering Hilda almost the moment he received honorary Cuban citizenship.)

Che Guevara is next noted to be in Guatamala-where he joined Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in a failed revolution – and had to flee back to Argentina. He is reported to have met Fidel Castro there ,and seems to have joined him in a failed attempt to invade Cuba.

Fidel,Che, and the few remaining survivors of the failed invasion hid out in the Sierra Madre mountains of Cuba and built a guerrilla army : eventually succeeding in the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship.

During this long campaign, the “gentle doctor Guevara” gained a reputation for ruthlessness among his fellow guerrillas : rooting out and executing any
“deviationists” , slackers, or potential traitors.

This reputation would serve him well once Castro assumed power. Che became Commander of La Cabana Fortress , and, for the next six months, oversaw the trial of Batista loyalists and political dissidents. (The rattle of Cuban firing squads shook a few members of the American media out of their fatuous complacency , but most just shrugged it off as “excess of revolutionary zeal.”)

Che was next named director of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform,and president of the National Bank of Cuba (where he took to signing bank notes with his nickname - “Che”.)

Guevara did rather poorly at Agrarian Reform and at banking , and Fidel decided to make other use of him.

Packed off to Panama – and later to the Dominican Republic – to organize communist revolutions, he failed miserably : barely getting back to Cuba alive.

In 1960, an arms ship – La Coubre – exploded as it docked in Cuba.
Fidel dispatched El Commandante Che to supervise the cleanup-but
Che did such a careless job, a second explosion occurred: killing over 100 dock workers, and seriously injuring many more.

When the Bay of Pigs fiasco occurred in 1961, Castro wisely avoided giving Che any meaningful role. He was sent to a command post on Pinar del Rio,where a small diversionary force had mounted a feint. Almost no shots were fired in warding off this decoy force, but Che managed to get wounded:He accidentally shot himself in the face with his own gun !

Che supported the Russian importation of nuclear missiles into Cuba, and later, as the Cuban missile fuss was slowly dying down, expressed anger over the refusal of the Russians to turn their nukes over to Cuban control.Guevara made no bones about saying he would have used them to launch a nuclear attack on the norteamericanos.

In 1964, Che Guevara visited the UN as leader of the Cuban delegation – and was lionized by CBS. He had warm meetings with Senator Eugene Mc Carthy,with several associates of Malcolm X, and with Canadian radical Michelle Duclos; then flew off to Paris to begin a 3 month “world solidarity” tour; culminating in his delivery of a distinctly Maoist address at the Second Economic Seminar on Afro-Asian Solidarity, on 2/24/65.

When Che Guevara returned to Cuba on 3/14/65, Fidel and Raoul Castro were on hand to give him a “hero’s welcome” ; but, just two weeks later, the popular Che “disappeared” from public view.

Where he disappeared to was never revealed , but , on 10/31/65 , Fidel Castro displayed an undated letter from Che Guevara , in which Che resigned all his government offices, renounced his Cuban citizenship, and expressed a desire to “fight abroad”. (Students of Marxist history may be reminded of a similar document Leon Trotsky was obliged to sign before he was allowed to leave the country. Castro-like Stalin before him-was not inclined to tolerate potential rivals for power.)

Officially, some time after March,1965 , Che Guevara emerged in the Congo, and began teaching guerrilla tactics to the Simbas : a violent Marxist revolutionary group that had gained notoriety with acts of kidnaping, rape,looting, arson, and the hacking to death of anyone who got in their way.

Once he felt the Simbas were ready, he began leading them personally on raids , but this time there was organized opposition – in the form of a 100 man team , made up of a handful of US Special Forces troops, and Cuban refugees,who had been recruited as mercenaries by the Congolese government.

The mission of the team was to thwart and humiliate Che Guevara whenever possible. Team members intercepted Simba communications , tracked the guerrillas through the jungle, and helped the Congolese Army set up ambushes at likely spots.

Seven months later, a sick (and thoroughly humiliated) Che Guevara decided it was time to leave the Congo. Being Che, he blamed the Simbas for his failures, and issued communiqués glorifying his own role in “the great work”.

Fidel Castro sent out emissaries to persuade Che to come home to Cuba-but Guevara chose to stay out of his former patron’s reach : popping up in Dar-es-Salaam, Prague, and East Germany , and moving on before Cuban “escort teams” could get their hands on him.

He seems to have made his peace with Fidel soon afterwards,however, because, in the autumn of 1966, Che enters Bolivia on a forged Uraguayan passport, and sets up shop in a remote section of Bolivia on land purchased by Bolivian Communists at Fidel Castro’s express request.

In March ,1967 , accompanied by a band of approximately 50 Cubans, Peruvians, Argentinians, and Bolivians, Che begins raiding Bolivian Army outposts . His well-equipped troops style themselves the National Army of Liberation (ELN),and for the next few months, he is able to ambush the Bolivian troops with impunity ; however, in August of 1967, his luck begins to change,and the Bolivians wipe out about a third of his men.

Under a Memo of Understanding , the US has sent CIA and Special Forces to train the 2nd Ranger Battalion of the Bolivian Army in counter-insurgency tactics, and, by September, 1967 the Battalion is combat ready.

Che’s arrogance plays an important part in his downfall. On 9/22/67,
his ELN guerrillas arrive at Alto Seco Village – not far from their own base camp, and after subjecting the forcibly assembled villagers to a lecture on revolutionary objectives, the guerrillas take large quantities of food from the village store – without paying for it.

It’s all down hill from there. When the guerrillas enter the village of La Higuera a few days later, they come under attack, and are forced to evacuate – but the local people are quick to tell the Army where they are hiding, and, over the next week, the Army and the Rangers attack Che’s group again and again.

On 10/08/67 , alerted by a peasant woman ,the Rangers discover the ELN hiding in a ravine, and engage them in a fierce fire fight. Che, who has been several times in the legs, is trapped , and shouts” Do not shoot ! I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead !”

Troops carry him to the village of La Higuera on a stretcher. A CIA agent/advisor attached to the Battalion asks that Che’s life be spared:telling the Rangers his government would like to move Guevara to Panama for interrogation; but the Bolivian High Command disagrees. They have already announced to the world that Che has died of battle wounds , and the Ranger commander is ordered to “make it so” – which he does,rather sloppily.

It is at this point that Che Guevara ceases to be the arrogant, inept bungler that he was , and enters the Left’s “pantheon of heroes : a Certified Martyr of the Revolution .

Had the Bolivians agreed to the American request, Guevara would have been pumped dry of information –with the results revealed to the world- then
handed over to anyone who wanted him for disposition.

Fidel Castro would have disowned him , faster than you can say “VD”; and the legions of “Che worshippers “ would have slunk off in offended silence : their posters,banners, and tee shirts finding their way to recycling bins all over America.

The Left loves its martyrs – but nobody likes a loser !

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Growing Unrest in Venezuela – (But No Film at 11)

We don’t see or hear much about Venezuela in the news – unless “outspoken” Presidente Hugo Chavez happens to be bashing our
President ,and/or ranting about his need to defend against imminent attack by the dreaded norteamericanos.

Sample here from the (UK) Daily Telegraph:;jsessionid=OLL0GJ4QZJZCTQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/03/04/wvenez04.xml

Such announcements are often made in the presence of fatuous American admirers – Harry Belafonte , Cindy Sheehan ,and assorted pols and academics – and they receive full, undivided media attention. ( Hey ! Anyone who bashes “Dubya” can’t be all bad !)

There is so little American media coverage of unrest in Venezuela ,one might easily assume the country has become the “socialist paradise” its Leftist boosters claim–but there is unrest, and it is growing.

Here’s the lede of an article in the(UK) Daily Telegraph

Venezuelan middle class flees Chávez rule of hate
By Sophie Arie in Caracas
(Filed: 05/03/2006)*

Venezuela's once-thriving middle class is packing its bags and fleeing the country, afraid for the future as the socialist president, Hugo Chávez, calls on the slum-dwelling masses to rise up and seize wealth from those better off than themselves.

Growing numbers of professionals, business owners and shopkeepers are fed up with the climate of hostility that the Left-wing president has encouraged in his effort to boost his populist credentials.

* We would show this date as “03/05/2006”.

(Link to full article here:)

Here is an Internet post from Luis: a hard-working young Venezuelan student, who details the growing unrest in Western Venezuela.

“A group of Venezuelans from Zulia State which is located in western Venezuela, is seeking to hold a referendum in the region to determine if the Zulian people agree with the idea of seeking a higher level of autonomy.

Zulia is Venezuela's richest and most populated State (something like California to the US). Vast oil fields are located in the state. Zulia is also Venezuela's most important agricultural state. Venezuela's 2nd largest city, Maracaibo, is Zulia's capital.

The group that is organizing this movement consider themselves an oposition group to Chavez's authoritarian regime.

Their proposal is to give Zulia greater autonomy over its resource management, and to establish a free market economy to reduce poverty and to bring jobs and education to the Zulia population.

The socialist regime imposed by Chavez is helping increase poverty all around the country despite the higher-than-ever oil income.

The idea is to give Zulia a status similiar of what some regions in Spain currently enjoy (Catalonia, Basque Country, etc...). The movement clearly states that they don't seek independence from Venezuela, they just want to manage their money.

Inmediately after the announcement by this group, the Chavez regime started a criminal prosecution of the leaders of the group accusing them of rebellion and treason.

The Armed Forces which are 110% Chavez loyalists, threatened to “crush and destroy” any rebellious movement in Zulia.

The FARC (Colombian Guerrillas who are receiving overt Chavez support) have announced that they will “fight to the death” against any rebel movement in the region – (a curious statement from a “rebel” group !)

People from Zulia have always sought greater autonomy from the cental govt. Some of them have even proposed seeking full independence.

I have lived in Zulia and half of my family was born there, thus, I feel very Zuliano and would love to see Zulia holding a referendum on the issue.

Zulia deserves to receive the money its natural resources produce. I give my full support to their stance and I hope that, through democratic means, Zulia will be able to achieve its long-wanted autonomy.”

Such “rumblings” do not not appear in our media (CNN had a small “squib” about “separatism in western Venezuela” – which they pretty much got wrong ) but they do not escape the attention of the Radical Left – here and abroad.

Venezuela Solidarity, which is linked closely to the Pro-Castro “ Hands Off Venezuela” organization,published a heavy-handed online response:

Here are small samples of the article:

“Authorities and the media had previously alerted about the existence of a secessionist plan for Zulia as part of actions planned against the government of President Chavez.

This state where a great deal of Venezuela’s oil wealth is located, is controlled by opposition governor Manuel Rosales who has been accused of participating in conspiracy meetings with ex military coup mongers and Colombian paramilitaries.”

The article goes on to note because Rosales was able to prove he had never left Venezuela to go conspire with anybody ,this was “proof” he must have gone undercover-(handily “proving” his participation in a conspiracy)- and concludes:

“Reports indicate that the denouncements made, that Zulia is being taken over as “free territory by criminal and terrorist organizations with the cooperation of the Governor. These groups are dedicated to kidnapping, extortion and vehicle theft.

Footnote: Any “declaration of Zulia’s independence” by Governor Rosales could lead to military action to unseat this self-appointed coup monger as President of Zulia. This could trigger a series of events and destabilization in western Venezuela leading to an excuse for the US to send troops or UN Peace Keepers arriving as is the case in Haiti. The obvious intention is to capture the oil supplies. This secessionist adventure in not new and forms part of the overall destabilization plan being hatched in Langley at CIA headquarters. Maximum alert is required by the Venezuelan military and the Venezuelan people, as well as international support from workers and trade unionists worldwide.”

Not long after Luis posted his message, he received this response from-(you guessed it)- an American, who had this “thoughtful” response:


If the sheer volume of Chavez-friendly “ Google bombing” is any indicator,
It would appear the Left in general and the Communists in particular are making a major effort to “suffocate” any adverse information coming out of Venezuela.

It took a fairly lengthy search to find the Daily Telegraph material,as I had to wade through hundreds of pro-Chavez stories – most of which were duplicates of material posted elsewhere. It’s an ingenious way of controlling the flow of information without seeming to – and quite effective !

What goes on in Zulia – or elsewhere in Venezuela – is, of course, the business of the Venezuelan people ; and it is hoped they will be able to counteract the machinations of President Chavez before it is too late.

Viva la libertad, Luis !

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Junior May Have Learned in School Today

Taped in a Denver – area classroom by a concerned student –the day after the State of the Union Address, this transcript details how a teacher named Jay Bennish instructed this class in World Geography at Overland HS.

Bennish: [tape begins with class already underway. Bennish completing an unintelligble statement about Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.] Why do we have troops in Colombia fighting in their civil war for over 30 years. Most Americans don't even know this. For over 30 years, America has had soldiers fighting in Colombia in a civil war. Why are we fumigating coca crops in Bolivia and Peru if we're not trying to control other parts of the world. Who buys cocaine? Not Bolivians. Not Peruvians. Americans! Ok. Why are we destroying the farmers' lives when we're the ones that consume that good.

Can you imagine? What is the world's number one single cause of death by a drug? What drug is responsible for the most deaths in the world? Cigarettes! Who is the world's largest producer of cigarettes and tobacco? The United States!

What part of our country grows all our tobacco? Anyone know what states in particular? Mostly what's called North Carolina. Alright. That's where all the cigarette capitals are. That's where a lot of them are located from. Now if we have the right to fly to Bolivia or Peru and drop chemical weapons on top of farmers' fields because we're afraid they might be growing coca and that could be turned into cocaine and sold to us, well then don't the Peruvians and the Iranians and the Chinese have the right to invade America and drop chemical weapons over North Carolina to destroy the tobacco plants that are killing millions and millions of people in their countries every year and causing them billions of dollars in health care costs?

Make sure you get these definitions down.

Capitalism: If you don't understand the economic system of capitalism, you don't understand the world in which we live. Ok. Economic system in which all or most of the means of production, etc., are owned privately and operated in a somewhat competitive environment for the purpose of producing PROFIT! Of course, you can shorten these definitions down. Make sure you get the gist of it. Do you see how when, you know, when you're looking at this definition, where does it say anything about capitalism is an economic system that will provide everyone in the world with the basic needs that they need? Is that a part of this system? Do you see how this economic system is at odds with humanity? At odds with caring and compassion? It's at odds with human rights.

Anytime you have a system that is designed to procure profit, when profit is the bottom motive -- money -- that means money is going to become more important potentially than what? Safety, human lives, etc.

Why did we invade Iraq?! How do we know that the invasion of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction-- even if weapons had been found, how would you have known, how could you prove--that that was not a real reason for us to go there.

There are dozens upon dozens of countries that have weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is one of dozens. There are plenty of countries that are controlled by dictators, where people have no freedom, where they have weapons of mass destruction and they could be potentially threatening to America. We're not invading any of those countries!


I'll give you guys another minute or two to get some of these [definitions] down. I agree with Joey. Try to condense these a little bit. I took these straight out of the dictionary.

Anyone in here watch any of Mr. Bush's [State of the Union] speech last night? I'm gonna talk a little about some of things he had to say.

...One of things that I'll bring up now, since some of you are still writing, is, you know, Condoleezza Rice said this the other day and George Bush reiterated it last night. And the implication was that the solution to the violence in the Middle East is democratization. And the implication through his language was that democracies don't go to war. Democracies aren't violent. Democracies won't want weapons of mass destruction. This is called blind, naive faith in democracy!
Who is probably the single most violent nation on the face of planet Earth?!

Unidentified student interjects: We are.

The United States of America! And we're a democracy. Quote-unquote.

Who has the most weapons of mass destruction in the world? The United States.
Who's continuing to develop new weapons of mass destruction as we speak?! The United States.

So, why does Mr. Bush think that other countries that are democracies won't wanna be like us? Why does he think they'll just wanna be at peace with each other?! What makes him think that when the Palestinians get their own state that they won't wanna preemptively invade Israel to eliminate a potential threat to their security just like we supposedly did in Iraq?! Do you see the dangerous precedent that we have set by illegally invading another country and violating their sovereignty in the name of protecting us against a potential future--sorry--attack?

Why doesn't Mexico invade Guatemala? Maybe they're scared of being attacked. Ok. Why doesn't North Korea invade South Korea?! They might be afraid of being attacked. Or maybe Iran and North Korea and Saudi Arabia and what else did he add to the list last night - and Zimbabwe - maybe they're all gonna team up and try and invade us because they're afraid we might invade them. I mean, where does this cycle of violence end? You know?

(Sources of this report were the Rocky Mountain News and Michelle Malkin’s column.The teacher in question was suspended after a tape of his lecture surfaced on the Web and was seen by a school board member.)

I can’t help but wonder whether this is an isolated event, or whether such classroom political indoctrination attempts are commonplace.

Judging by some of what I’ve seen expressed on the Internet, I suspect Mr. Bennish has had a LOT of company over the years –probably to the great distress of the truly dedicated teachers who have to work with such people.