Thursday, March 23, 2006

“ Ambiguous” Document Raises Interesting 9/11 Questions

This is the text of a document seized from Iraqi Intelligence files during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It is one of the translated documents aired by ABC TV in March,2006, and may have been printed in your hometown newspaper.

Please keep in mind it was written on 09/15/01.

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate
Presidency of the Republic
Intelligence Service
2/913/5th directorate

Sir: Director General of the 5th directorate

Subject: Information
Our Afghani source #002 (info on him in paper slip ‘1’) has informed us that Afghani consular Ahmed Dahistani (info on him in paper slip ‘2’) had spoken before him of the following:

1-That Usama Bin Ladin and the Taliban group in Afghanistan are in contact with Iraq and that a group from the Taliban and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had conducted a visit to Iraq.

2-That America possesses evidence that Iraq and Usama Bin Ladin’s group had cooperated to strike targets inside America.

3-In case Taliban and Usama’s group are proven involved in those sabotage operations, it will be possible that America directs strikes at Iraq and Afghanistan.

4-That the Afghani consular had heard about the Iraq connections with Usama Bin Ladin’s group during his presence in Iran.

5-In the light of what preceded we suggest writing to the Intentions Committee about the above information.

Please be informed…..your feedback please…..with appreciation.
)signature) (signature(

Information office send immediately to the
Of the 5th directorate/3 Intentions Committee

I call your attention to the opening, (and pious salutation) which makes it clear Iraq and the Taliban were sharing intelligence – possibly on an informal basis-prior to 9/11. (Not surprising, or even remarkable ; but worth keeping in mind when someone declares the sectarian Iraqis and fanatically religious Taliban could not possibly have had common interests.)

Item 1 in the report mentions something most of us have known for years: that “Usama bin Ladin's group” had visited Iraq. (Item 4 tells us how the Taliban came by this information.)

Item 2 is far more interesting: “…America possesses evidence that Iraq and Usama bin Ladin’s group had cooperated to strike targets inside America.” (Item 3 discusses the likely consequences.)

A. Please note the bald matter-of-factness of this statement; the lack of speculation or ambiguity.

B. How does somebody in Afghanistan know what evidence America possesses ?

C. If there is/was such evidence,who had it, and where is it now ?

Would I be “reading too much into this document” to suggest al-Qaeda
had (and perhaps still has) a “mole” in the US Intelligence community ?
Someone so highly placed as to be aware of al-Qaeda/Iraqi cooperation ? Someone able to cover his/her tracks by “burying” evidence so deep in the files as to make it almost non-retrievable ?

Would I be too far out of line in suggesting such a person might have had prior knowledge of 9/11 ?


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