Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lou Dobbs on Chinese Inroads in Latin America : Dead Wrong !

Recently,veteran newscaster Lou Dobbs informed his audience –with much frowning , tsk-tsk-ing, and head shaking – the main reason Communist China has been able to make such massive inroads into Latin America was due to America’s refusal to permit its troops to be hauled before the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

With all respect to Mr. Dobbs, it is difficult to imagine how he came to such a conclusion !

Let me state a few basic facts of life; and, after review, perhaps we may reason together.

Fact 1 : China is an expansionist nation, which, despite its flirtation with “capitalism” – (if one may describe industries owned by the Peoples Liberation Army as capitalist ) – is still officially and actually committed to the promotion of Maoist Communism all around the globe.

Fact 2 : China is a massive –(some might even say reckless) - consumer of
oil ,and has demonstrated time and time again it will do almost anything to obtain and maintain steady sources of that commodity.

Fact 3 : Latin America has massive reserves of oil – on shore and off shore:
enough, some say, to make the vaunted Middle Eastern oil fields look like mud puddles.

Fact 4 : Latin America is a seething cauldron of unrest : much of which has been stirred up by Chinese “surrogates” – ( Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, The Shining Path,and FARC come to mind.) This makes it a prime market for high-end military equipment.

Fact 5 : The United States – at least in the last 20 years or so – has become increasingly hesitant to supply military equipment to Latin American nations interested in attacking their neighbors, suppressing burgeoning democratic movements at home, or otherwise trying out for membership in the “Axis of Evil”.

Fact 6 : China has no compunctions about supplying military equipment to Latin American oil producers – in exchange for oil. If the equipment adds to area-wide tensions, or is used to overthrow democratic regimes – so much the better !

Fact 7 : China would never dream of turning its troops over to the International Court . Were it to do so, the Hague would be so inundated with pending complaints, it would cease to function.

Fact 8 : The Latin American nations being courted by China don’t give a tinker’s dam about the Hague (although a few of their diplomats may make appropriate noises at the UN) . They have oil to sell, and they have a buyer – who will help them extract and refine it, and who is willing to supply them with shiploads of weapons : all without tiresome moralistic or ecological restrictions.

Lou Dobbs, with all respect , I think you were dead wrong .


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