Thursday, April 13, 2006

Libby Makes Outrageous Disclosure :Massive Protests Feared !

Lewis “Scooter” Libby made an outrageous disclosure in court papers filed yesterday: claiming – under penalty of perjury – that while President Bush and Vice President Cheney had authorized him to furnish details of the National Intelligence Estimate to New York Times reporter Judith Miller (thereby de-classifying the document) , neither the President or the Vice President authorized him to reveal the identity
Of “Secret Agent X-9 ½ “ – otherwise known as Valerie Plame !

Reaction on the Left was swift…. and furious .

“ This is a direct slap in the face to those of us who wanted to see Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs so he could watch Bush and Cheney being burned at the stake in the Rose Garden ! “, shouted one red-faced Senator.

He was joined at the podium (“elbowed aside” might be a more accurate description ) by a Northern Senator famous for his support of rigid gun-control measures. Yanking a small pistol from his shoulder holster, the Senator shouted “ Let’s get the bastards !”

Not to be outdone, an angry woman Senator from the same state whipped a large caliber automatic from the waistband of her black pantsuit, and screamed : “Power to the People !” ( A spectator remarked : “Gee ! She doesn’t look much like Geena Davis !” )

Impatient members of the Progressive Coalition – some waving guns and machetes – began jostling one another for “face time” before the network cameras ; but ,what might have become a rather nasty confrontation lost momentum, when a large , chanting group of Latino demonstrators – many carrying signs demanding instant citizenship – suddenly arrived on the scene.

Asked by reporters for an explanation of their presence at this late date, a spokesperson shrugged and said the contingent had been delayed
because of poor planning by some of the Marxist organizers. “ We were supposed to come here by bus, but wound up having to walk , because the Organizers traded our tickets for some Guatemalan weed.”

The Senators, outflanked by the demonstrators (who were,to be fair, receiving most of the media attention) sulked off in high dudgeon :one calling over his shoulder: “ You haven’t seen the last of us ! “

Contacted later in the day, the White House refused to comment :
thereby reinforcing Media belief they must be trying to hide something.


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