Tuesday, May 23, 2006



To a place some call Manassas
And others call Bull Run
Marched two great armies -Blue and Gray
In the Spring of ’61.

Two generals manuevered
And emplaced their heavy guns
But Sullivan Ballou's last thoughts
Were of Sarah and his sons.

(Lyrics – 1st verse)

I dreamed of you last night, dear wife
Of our home-so far away:
Saw the dear children kneel by the fireside bright –
I could almost hear them pray !

But the grandfather’s clock that I bought for your Birthday
It was silent: the hands stopped at Ten -
Then I knew in my dream I had fallen in battle:
Ne’er would I see you again !


Oh, If I should fall in battle, darling ,
Please promise not to cry:
The breath of Spring upon your cheek
Will tell you that I am still nigh –

Through blazing sun and winter’s cold,
Till life itself is through :
When you reach the end of your long, long road,
I’ll be waiting,dearest for you !

(Lyrics, verse 2)

The bugles sound, and the horses snort -
I must march with my Brigade ;
We must cross the bridge at Manassas Creek
Where the cruel games of War will be played.

I”ll finish this letter when the battle is over-
You’ll be in my thoughts until then;
I just wish I could be there to tell you I love you-
Just wish I could hold you again !



When the smoke of battle lifted
And everything was still,
Sullivan and all his dreams
Lay silent on that hill.

The centuries have come and gone
And there’s no more Blue and Gray-
But brave soldiers still write letters home
And brave families wait and pray.


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