Saturday, June 17, 2006

Article Review

“What to do about Climate Change” by Ruth Greenspan Bell

(FOREIGN AFFAIRS – May/June 2006 Issue- p 105-113)

I became a subscriber to “Foreign Affairs” – official publication of the Council on Foreign Relations – mainly so I could cast an eye on this “sometimes-controversial” group. ( Some claim CFR –and the nefarious Tri-Lateral Commission are secretly ruling the world.)

The “top-secret documents” of CFR members are available in
magazine form at most reasonably well-stocked public libraries;but,if you want to access them (in pdf format) online, you will pretty much have to subscribe – which , I suppose, proves “the truly malevolent depth of their global conspiracy” …or not.

Moving right along, Ms Bell, who held management-level positions in the EPA from 1979 to 1996, starts out her discussion of climate change in the approved “ We’re all going to die-horribly !” manner , then tells us why.

The Kyoto Agreements – as interpreted and enforced by most of the signatories – are little more than a sham. Let’s illustrate.

Imagine Manufacturer A – located just about anywhere in Europe – finds his factory is producing too many emissions. He gets an estimate, and learns it will cost –let’s say 150,000,000 Euros to fix the problem.
Bad news ….but wait !

For a mere 1 million Euros, he can buy pollution control equipment for a factory on Africa’s Gold Coast. The happy recipients don’t have to USE it; heck, they don’t even have to know HOW to use it ! The donation has been made , and has generated “Emission Credits” for Manufacturer A:
so many, in fact, that he is now in compliance !

Manufacturer A is not only spilling out the same emissions, but can point an accusatory finger at the nasty ,uncivilized Americans who refuse to comply with Kyoto !!

Ms Bell points out just how ridiculous this situation is , and suggests only very strong enforcement-on a global level- will cure the problem.
Environmental ministries need to stop being handed out as political consolation prizes : they need to be staffed with competent scientists and technocrats,who will have a REAL say in the decisions and operations of government.

Unless I’m mistaken, the real goal is the establishment of Technocracy as a world-wide mode of government . Such a goal makes the number of scientists lining up to jump on the Global Warming bandwagon quite understandable … and quite unattractive !

Am I reading too much “between the lines” of this interesting article ?
I hope you’ll get your own copy, read it, and think about it.


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