Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One of the Last Pre-War Documents : From Saddam Himself !

IZSP-2003-00000008 (Full Translation)
Order Number: 31
Based on Para B, Article 58 from the Constitution. The following Order.

All people and companies in the private and mixed sectors are forbidden from importing and producing Biological, Chemical and Nuclear weapons and materials.

All Ministries involved must perform this order. And prosecute violators.

Written in Bagdad on 14 Feb 2003.

Sadam Husain

Top Secret.
Western Area.
The top order is from from the president # 1133, 15 Feb 2003,
25 Feb 2003
Please review.

COL Nabeel Lamam Abd-Gabr
Western Area Commander
8 Mar 2003


If there were no WMD programs in Iraq,prior to the US invasion, why did Saddam Hussein send out this order ?


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