Friday, August 11, 2006

British Bank Releases Names of Terror Bombing Plot Suspects

Veracity Questioned : None Appear to Zionists !

London: A British bank has released the names of several suspects in the recently thwarted Airline Bombing plot.

The bank released the following names:

Abdula Ahmed Ali,
Cossor Ali,
Shazad Khuram Ali,
Nabeel Hussain,
Tanvir Hussain,
Umair Hussain,
Umar Islam,
Waseem Kayani,
Assan Abdullah Khan,
Waheed Arafat Khan,
Osman Adam Khatib,
Abdul Muneem Patel,
Tayib Rauf,
Muhammed Usman Saddique,
Assad Sarwar,
Ibrahim Savant,
Amin Asmin Tariq,
Shamin Mohammed Uddin,
Waheed Zaman.

An angry Islamic spokesperson denounced the release of these names to the public.

“This is profiling at its worst ! Where are the names of the Zionists we know to be responsible for this plot ?” , shouted Ibn Veri Badd –director of the prestigious Hed’Loppr Institute , located on Rottencrutch Square.

“Why are the names of peaceful,law-abiding Islamic citizens being bandied about in this fashion ? Everybody knows this is a filthy Mossad deception – just like the so-called 9/11 attack !”

“ Did you know that Jew Senator – Chuck Schumer was at Heathrow yesterday ? Heathrow ! What further proof do you need ?”

Director Badd concluded : “ It all has to do with that other Jew-Lieberman – who was defeated in the primaries by a likeable chap named Lamont. The Jew couldn’t stand being rejected ,so he got together with his Neo-Con friends in Washington and Israel to cook up this make-believe plot ! “

“Hands off our fine Islamic lads, you evil baby-killers !”


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