Monday, September 11, 2006


Dedicated to First Responders Everywhere

On the Eleventh of September
In the Year Two Thousand One
America lay wounded
In the smoke-filled morning sun.

It was a day of horror
To sear the very soul-
It was a day when Heroes
Like Todd Beamer cried : “ Let’s roll !”

In the blazing World Trade Towers
Where so many people died,
Some thirty thousand lives were spared
Because Heroes rushed inside.

A civilian, Chuck Costello
Was one who heard the Call:
He was not paid to risk his life,
But he bravely risked it all.

He rushed to the fierce inferno:
Pulled people out of Hell ;
And he went back – time and time again
Till the great South Tower fell.

Though he died an unsung Hero
May his memory live on-
Till the Great Clock chimes its final note
And the Human Race is gone !

Navy veteran Chuck Costello, of Old Bridge, NJ , was a family friend -best man at my daughter's wedding- and is still missed by his family and his many friends.


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