Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Global Orgasm Day ???

You can't hardly make stuff like this up !

Some "world peace group" has decided if millions of people all over the world were to experience an orgasm on December 22,2006, so much "positive energy" would be released that war would just...end.

I suppose I could enter a logical debate on this subject (for example, at any given moment of any day of any week,month,or year, large numbers of people are undoubtedly achieving orgasm , and there is no shortage of fighting going on. In fact, some of those doing the killing the group wishes to stop, may well be achieving orgasms thereby...)

Oh, well: let me respond in this fashion.

T'was three days before Christmas
And all through the land
Was the sound of brisk friction
As folks "took things in hand".

And Maw in her nightie
And me in my cap
Had just settled down-
No, t'was not for a nap !

Then up on the rooftop
I heard a loud clatter:
It was eight writhing reindeer-
Golly gee, did they spatter !!

A fat dude in red longjohns
With a white,greasy beard
Was "helping keep time" :
Yes, t'was just as you feared !!!

I cannot describe
The effect on my wife:
Were I to attempt it
You'd shun me for life !

So, do as you see fit
On "twelve twenty-two"-
But stay off my rooftop.
Merry Christmas to you !!


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